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February 2010
..::The Single That Changed Everything◊Diamond/Over the clouds::..
..::Some Gangway On The Runway◊Onna ga Medatte Naze Ikenai::..
..::Under The Scorching Sun◊Yomiuri Land East LIVE 2009::..
January 2010
..::The Return of Buono!◊Our Songs::..
..::Magnificent Covers◊Onna ga Medatte Naze Ikenai::..
..::The Other 4 Should Be Getting A New Job◊SHOCK!::..
..::Hanbun Esper◊Episode 01::..
..::Me, Bangkok & Berryz Kobo◊Berryz Kobo First Live in Bangkok::..
..::Keep on Shining◊Mano Guide in Yakushima::..
..::2010 Ranking◊℃-ute::..
..::2010 Ranking◊Berryz Kobo::..
..::2010 Ranking◊Morning Musume::..
December 2009
..::2nd Eterna J-pop Award::..
..::Eri’s 3rd Solo DVD and 8th Photobook to be Released::..
..::An Album Already Awaits Us◊Morning Musume 10 My Me::..
..::The Day Which Koha Left Us◊Morning Musume Concert Tour 2009 ~Nine Smile~::..
..::MOBEKIMASU?!◊Hello!Project Winter 2010 Kachou Fuugetsu ~Mobekimasu!~ Concert Goods List::..
..::Another Starring-Arashi-Member Drama◊My Girl::..
..::Christmas with Berryz Kobo::..
..::Morning Musume Made It to the Top 100!◊2009 Oricon Top 100 Singles::..
..::Preview of Morning Musume’s 42nd Single◊Onna ga Medatte Naze Ikenai::..
..::Eternal Eririn◊Happy 21st Birthday Eri!::..
..::Fresh From Hawaii (Part 3)◊Alo-Hello! C-ute::..
..::C-ute Kinda Shock Us This Time◊Shock!::..
..::More Ai-chan and Final Fantasy XIII◊Final Fantasy XIII no Sekai ni Semaru::..
..::Stamps, Anyone?◊Hello!Project Year of Tiger Stamps::..
..::Ai-chan Attends On My Behalf◊Final Fantasy XIII Countdown Event::..
..::A Whole Set of the B-side◊Morning Musume All Single Coupling Collection::..
..::Go Go Manoeri◊Mano Guide in Yakushima::..
..::HANGRY&ANGRY Begins Facebook-ing::..
..::Wanna Have Something Turtle-ish This December?◊Eri’s 21st Birthday T-shirt::..
..::Fresh From Hawaii (Part 2)◊Alo-Hello! Berryz Kobo::..
..::A Buono! Single Not Buono-ish Enough?!◊Bravo☆Bravo::..
..::Platinum 9 Disco Concert Tour◊This Foolish Wota Just Can’t Stop Blogging!::..
..::It Has Finally Come to This::..
November 2009
..::Fresh From Hawaii (Part 1)◊Ai-chan I DVD Making::..
..::Masaki’s Turn for a Live-Action Drama◊My Girl::..
..::Is Love & Peace ‘Paradistick’ Enough?::..
..::Reinya Spreads Her Wings as She Turns Hatachi::..
..::A B-side-quality A-side◊Watashi no Mirai no Dannasama::..
..::Dancing in Space◊Ryusei Boy::..
..::Yurina’s Flowerage::..
October 2009
..::A Calendar Without Dates::..
..::So The Girls Decided to Go Naughty, Sexy & Dirty!◊Kimagure Princess::..

..::SWEET BLACK feat. Goto Maki (& some other guys) Album::..

September 2009
..::Everyday Zekkochou!!◊Crystal White PV::..
..::The Ace is Graduating!?::..
..::A Tale of Lovely::..
..::Are They Still Singing for the Anime?::..
..::Tear Drops◊SWEET BLACK feat. GOTO MAKI Album◊Part 1::..
..::Gone and Back Again::..
August 2009
..::I’m Back (With An Album Review)!!!::..
..::Nanchatte Renai◊Simply Lovely::..
..::Another C-uteish Graduation◊So Long Erika::..
..::Nanchatte Renai◊40th Single & Still Goin’::..
July 2009
..::2 Weeks Away From J-pop Then What?::..
..::To Sum Up the AX2009…::…
June 2009
..::I ♥ Ai::..
..::No Hesitating in Stepping Forward::..
..::Keep An Eye On This Album::..
..::Maimi 17◊Nature Beauty::..
..::A Cute Cover Single◊Yummy Melon::..
..::When Art Meets J-pop::..
..::Mighty Maasa::..
..::Nasty Karen::..
..::Eternal ~♥~Is Now 1::..
May 2009
..::Seishun Bus Guide vs Rival::..
..::Arashi◊ashita no kioku/Crazy Moon ~Kimi Wa Muteki~::..
..::Create Your Own MoMusu OPV!::..
..::Some Completely ‘Original’ Works::..
April 2009
..::Ai-chan in Q.E.D. Shoumei Shuuryou◊Episode 7::..
..::Mano Erina◊Hajimete no Keiken::..
..::SEED #35::..
..::SEED #34::..
..::SEED #33::..
..::Ai-chan in Q.E.D. Shoumei Shuuryou◊Episode 6::..
..::Shōganai Yumeoibito◊Dreamer’s Dream::..
..::SEED #32::..
..::Shinshun Morning Musume Special – Haregi to Mizugi de Otoshidama Daisakusen::..
..::Everyone’s Talking About Dreams::..
..::My Hands are Itching for Changes::..
..::Ai-chan in Q.E.D. Shoumei Shuuryou◊Episode 5::..
..::Tsunku’s Angels::..
..::SEED #31::..
..::Bijo Houdan◊Tears & Joy of A Leader::..
..::Ai-chan (& Mako-chan) in Q.E.D. Shoumei Shuuryou◊Episode 4::..
..::Is This the Best Cover or What?::..
..::12/4 Celebrations 3rd Wave◊Celebrating Hello!Fansubs’ 2nd Birthday::..
..::12/4 Celebrations 2nd Wave◊Celebrating Airi’s 15th Birthday::..
..::12/4 Celebrations 1st Wave◊Celebrating Yossie’s 24th Birthday::..
..::SEED #30::..
..::SEED #29::..
..::Bijo Houdan◊Unravel the Heart of A Leader::..
..::Ai-chan in Q.E.D. Shoumei Shuuryou◊Episode 3::..
..::SEED #28::..
..::Ai-chan in Q.E.D. Shoumei Shuuryou◊Episode 2::..
..::Bye Bye Bye!◊Challenge For The Perfect Song::..
..::An Unexpected Discovery::..
..::The High Kings Reign Supreme::..
..::2009 Ranking◊Berryz Kobo::..
..::2009 Ranking◊°C-ute::..
March 2009
..::2009 Ranking◊Morning Musume::..
..::2009 Poll◊Top 10 Favourite H!P Members::..
..::Seishun Boku◊After Years of Retirement::..
..::SEED #27::..
..::SEED #26::..
..::The Perfect Platinum DISC::..
..::The Center of J-pop Blogosphere◊2nd IW Cake Day::..
..::Plane, Paperbag & Puke::..
..::Arashi◊Believe/Kumori Nochi, Kaisei::..
..::SEED #25::..
..::Temptress of Avex::..
..::SEED #24::..
..::Manoeri’s Way of Hotness::..
..::Berryz Are Finally Getting Serious::..
..::Our Love Towards J-pop◊How Far It Takes Us::..
..::Shugo Chara Eggs◊Shugo Shugo::..
..::Mano Erina◊Otome no Inori::..
February 2009
..::SEED #23::..
..::Nai Chou Kamo◊Another Version and the B-side::..
..::C-ute 4 Akogare MY STAR::..
..::SEED #22::..
..::Yume Kara Samete◊A Great Head Start for Ai-chan::..
..::Completing Stuffs On Her 20s◊20 Dreams::..
..::Her Last, My First◊Matsuura Aya’s Chocolate Damashi::..
..::SEED #21::..
..::Ai-chan in Q.E.D. Shoumei Shuuryou◊Episode 1::..
..::It’s Because You’re So Adorable to Resist◊Nono’s Official Blog::..
January 2009
..::Fly Away◊I Thought I’d Downloaded A Dirty Video!!!::..
..::Nai Chou Kamo◊Precious Fragments::..
..::Tissue~ (,v_v,)::..
..::SEED #20::..
..::Face Facts::..
..::SEED #19::..
..::Fist of Da Gurlz::..
..::SEED #18::..
..::MultiTaste◊Oricon Decides It Then::..
..::Kame’s Daring Shots::..
..::SEED #17::..
..::SEED #16::..
..::First Timer::..
..::Looking Into 2009::..
December 2008
..::1st Eterna J-pop Award::..
..::SEED #15::..
..::SEED #14::..
..::SEED #13::..
..::SEED #12::..
..::Heads UP! It’s Ai-chan & Eri::..
..::Turtles Are Cute, And So Do Eri::..
..::SEED #11::..
..::Nacchi’s Stinky Gift::..
..::SEED #10::..
..::Manoeri’s Second Attempt::..
..::After Reaching 100::..
..::SEED #09::..
..::SEED #08::..
..::SEED #07::..
..::SEED #06::..
..::SEED #05::..
..::Family Love::..
..::Lottara Lottara Away::..
November 2008
..::Forever Love The Girls::..
..::Berryz Monkey Business::..
..::I Wish to Smack Tsunku On His Head!::..
..::SEED #04::..
..::Retracing My Steps::..
September 2008
..::Ittsy Bittsy Little Note::..
..::Rh@pS0dy◊The Downloader::..
..::Eri Kamen vs. Koha Kaijin◊Showdown at a Concert Tour::..
August 2008
..::True Meaning of Love Sometimes Do Sound Pervert!::..
..::Tortured by the Book::..
..::Fell for Her::..
..::I Miss Manoeri::..
..::Chain Reactions::..
..::Precious Piece of the Past::..
..::SEED #03::..
..::Is This the End of Buono!::..
..::Eternal WordleZZZ::..
..::The Serious Survey on Joke-Hate-Post::..
..::The Face of Morning Musume::..
..::The Naughtiest Monkey Ever::..
..::You Just Gotta Love This Koha::..
..::Our Sweet Sister Turns 27::..
..::SEED #02::..
..::SEED #01::..
..::When the Clock Hits 12, the Tower Gets Higher!::..
July 2008
..::HA! HA! HA!::..
..::Too Bad It’s Too Short::..
..::Is This A Crime?::..
..::LOST◊The Navigator::..
..::The Kind of Airi I Love::..
..::Colourful Kimonos::..
..::SEED #00::..
..::She’s So Hot, She Burns My Eyes::..
..::Happy Birthday You Two!!!::..
..::Love◊Is It for Eternal?::..
..::Imprisoned by Hikki::..
..::Sneaked In for A Birthday Wish::..
June 2008
..::Good…For a Newbie::..
..::100% BanaNuts::..
..::Surprised!?◊A Very Bikkuri Survey::..
..::Love the Girls, Love the World::..
..::It Worries Me A Bit Though::..
..::Gatas 2nd Single::..
..::Bell of Love◊Even Futsal Player Can Sing!::..
..::Sweet Scent::..
..::Turn Your Head, Recollect The Past◊J-music survey::..
..::The Beauty is Echoing::..
..::Innocent Angel::..
..::The Beautiful ex-Musume::..
..::Not Forgetting About You Girls::..
..::An Uncute C-ute::..
..::Last Minute Posts 3 of 3◊You Can Stay Under My Umbrella::..
..::Last Minute Posts 2 of 3◊Henshin! Berryz Kamen::..
..::Last Minute Posts 1 of 3◊I Know What U Did Last Summer::..
..::Monkies Sure Are Entertaining::..
..::Double the Number, Double the Fun::..
..::Hello world!◊Here We Go Again::..
..::Yuke Yuke Monkey Dance◊They’re Coming::..
..::Please, Not Her!::..
..::Pointless Thoughts::..
May 2008
..::Remedy For A Crestfallen Heart◊Are the Rumours True?::..
..::Now This is What I Call a Photobook!::..
..::Sorry For The Delay::..
..::Lets Make a Re-review◊Harsh Hushes::..
..::Down the Memory Lane◊Blossoming Berryz::..
..::The Kings For A Cinderella::..
..::JinGeist Maniac◊Uhha! Uhha!::..
..::High-King◊A Funny Promotion::..
..::Risako’s Radiant Realm::..
..::Hopes Do Come True!::..
..::Dive too Deep::..
..::”Writing is Written to be Read”◊TLS Survey::..
..::The Good & The Bad::..
..::They’re Good Too::..
..:: Happy Birthday Cutie!::..
April 2008
..::Resonant Blue◊Its Better Than Before::..
..::Resonant Blue Another Version::..
..::What?! Me?! Reina?!::..
..::The Other Okitegami::..
..::Short Birthday Wish::..
..::Its Miki! Its Aibon!::..
March 2008
..::Leaving◊Last Words::..
..::Resonant Blue◊You Shed My Tears::..
..::How Did I Get You::..
..::Resonant Blue◊What’s Your Problem!::..
..::Watashi no Hime(s)::..
..::My Turn to Rank!::..
February 2008
..::New Leaf of Melody::..
January 2008
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