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..::Some Gangway On The Runway◊Onna ga Medatte Naze Ikenai::..

February 5, 2010

Sometimes I do feel weird how things ended up around me. Sometimes things that you expect to be good ended up bad, and sometimes things that you thought is gonna be bad turns out to be the other way. And that’s what I’m feeling now about Morning Musume. Well, I thought loosing Koha will somehow mark the beginning the downfall of Morning Musume. Yeah, so ironic of me to say that. But nope, when you take a look at their first 2010 single, it’s way within your mind could reach. And then, just when you thought it will turn out to be good, you got disappointed, again!

So Onna ga Medatte Naze Ikenai is Morning Musume’s 42nd single and as mentioned, the first for this year plus will be released around this week.  I don’t know why, but I seriously believe this time the radio rip or some sort of a preview of the single was really difficult to come across. I mean, I’ve been looking around for it since the day Eri and Risa played it during their Inter FM Five Stars radio show and until the day Dohhh UP! uploaded it, I can’t listened to the song satisfyingly. To be honest, I was crazily excited (this does sounds familiar when it comes to me and Morning Musume singles, but this craziness is above Kimagure Princess and Nanchatte Renai) when I first heard this single. I mean, the music was really cool and again, different from the other 41 singles they had before.

So when I watched the pv’s full version (hence listening to the full version of the song) I got a wider scope of the song. Not just excellent music, the lines are great too. Although yeah, the 8 gen are again shoved aside, but Ai-chan and Eri really shine in here. Such a competition to win my heart, eh? But seriously I’m happy to see my top two favourite members being focused a lot in this single. It’s kinda common for Ai-chan, but Eri. . . wow… Did someone just knocked Tsunku’s head or something? Anyway, shoving Eri to the front did pushed Reinya a bit to the back. Maybe it isn’t obvious, but I do get the feeling Reinya isn’t shining much or rather I didn’t noticed her existence this time. The lines are again, energetic, but no more squeky voices. The “onna ga medatte naze ikenai” lines was a bit too much to emphasize the title, but then again they probably want to emphasize the statement itself; “why women can’t stand out?” The chorus is great, but not as “climax-ive” enough like before. And again the ending of their chorus is kinda disappointing. For solo lines, I believe the best (for me) probably goes for Eri’s “biriri uzuiteru wa”, which sounds really, really wonderful. Too bad Ai-chan’s “kyo wa tenki ga ii” didn’t really fit the flow during the second verse.

As for the pv, I just gotta admit it’s one of the most wonderful I’ve ever seen, thanks to the wonderful colour theme of their dresses, the light effect throughout the pv. The one at the beginning of the pv was full of the girls walking in a hallway, which was kinda elegant and really suits them. Even the door opening in sync with the start of the music is epic enough. The close-ups distribution is fair enough, Linlin, Junjun and Mitssi whom didn’t actually sing got quite a number of their own close-ups too, at least better than Kimagure Princess. The part where they were wearing make-ups are surprisingly interesting. I mean, I hate girls doing this, but gosh, this one is really great. Simply because they are all gorgeous, no? Those eyes, those smiles, those hair. . . *cough* anyway, the close-ups are once again the best. Since Nanchatte Renai, I really love the close-ups of these girls. And for something pure white, this one is really great. The red flowers on their dress does look somewhat like blood splattered after being strike by a zombie from Resident Evil, but hey, it’s matches perfectly with white and their red boots. Another wonderful thing about this pv is the light effect. I don’t know if it’s just me imagining things, but the colour of the pv is a bit orange-ish. It’s obvious when it comes to the make-up shots. If this was a bug or something, please don’t remove it coz it’s really wonderful to see white not being that pure and red not being. . . well, that red. But the best thing is their complexion, just admit that~

now this is what I call the beauty of Gaki-san~

…but still can’t beat the beauty of Ai-chan♥

So, lots of good things mentioned, where’s the worst part? First is seriously the walking down the runway, which really sucks. And when they did those poses, it’s just like, the worst thing you could get from the most wonderful thing you’ve just seen. Yeah, I hate them, and the pairing parts too! Next is probably about Sayu not getting any lines at all except for some stupid “ah”. Come on! Just when I thought this girl is going to shine like Eri. Lastly is the quick shot of the title after Eri’s line during the opening of the second verse. I mean, what’s the point of placing that thing in the middle of the pv? To remind us what we’re watching? No thanks!

So as I was saying, Onna ga Medatte Naze Ikenai is such a wonderful song, but then it still didn’t turn out to be 100% perfect due to those ‘things’ mentioned above. Overall it’s still a great one, and worth waiting for. I don’t think I could have expected more than this, it’s not another sad song, rather a demanding one and at least we get to see Ai-chan smiling again (Kimagure’s was full of seducive effect, so not that sincere) XP

“Tsunku made me do it back then”

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  1. November 2, 2013 9:23 pm

    This song really should make a comeback, it is certainly relevant in the context of America’s war in Iraq. Very moving.

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