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..::Magnificent Covers◊Onna ga Medatte Naze Ikenai::..

January 26, 2010

Moning Musume’s 42nd single will be released in just a couple more weeks, but even now I’m already excited about it since they day I first listened to it’s radio rip. I’ll write more about the single when the pv is officially out, for now let’s take a look at the covers which is already up in Hello-Online.

First up is the Limited A cover, which I believe worthy of being called an ‘A’ Limited Edition. The cover is simply the greatest when they mixed the already perfect match of red and white with black as the background. Also, the ‘blink-blink’ thing around them are really nice and the graphic editing of the cover is great. Even more, they really managed to make a good formation for an 8-member group; Ai-chan as the leader is placed in the center, Gaki-san as sub-leader is on one side and Eri as someone who is getting more and more lines is on the other, Reinya who is almost as important as the leader get to be at the center, sandwhiched by Sayu and Mitsii, the only non-Chinese girls left and finally the Chinese girls, Junjun and Linlin on top of  Gaki-san and Eri respectively. Really great, not even a fault I found here. The expressions are wonderful too.

The Limited B is probably the worst. Ironically, the background is orange, which is supposed to be my favourite colour, but come on, you know it’s an eye souring when you see one. I mean, their attires doesn’t mixed at all with orange. Even more, it’s plain orange, no additional graphic effects to stir up the mood. And I’m really scared of Linlin’s expression here, it’s so un-Linlin.

Limited C is somewhat interesting coz of the background. I wonder what kind of building is that (or is it even a building?). However, it doesn’t differ much from Limited B, especially the girl’s poses and expressions. The only thing that I believe to be crystal clear different is Sayu’s and Reinya’s position in both cover. Apart from that, Ai-chan’s decision to raise up her hand like that is really epic and Gaki-san’s is still the same with the previous cover.

Finally, the Regular version which I think to be the best after Limited A. Plus, you get some legs, for leg lovers out there. And the positions of the girls are nice too, having of course Ai-chan at the center, Eri and Gaki-san on the left and right side, the other 6th gen on the floor and finally all three 8th gen at the back. Yep, it’s another perfect cover.

I’m really impressed with the covers this time. Not everyday you find me like a single’s cover, you know. This one varies from one another, proving H!P’s efforts in making some changes (hope so). Still, I wished they came up with a better idea to replace the orange background.

Incidentally, the thought of buying this single came into my mind during a japanese class this morning. We’re having a one week holiday at the end of February, so I asked my teacher if she’s going back to Japan or not. If she will, I wanna ask her to buy one for me, but then she said she wouldn’t be going back to Japan on that holiday, so that’s that. Now, when I see these covers, I REALLY, REALLY WANNA BUY ONE~

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  1. November 13, 2013 7:25 pm

    That cover is friggin sweet. I’m so pumped for the new album! You guys ended on such a good note with your self titled and I’ve been waiting for years for this to happen. Also, I’m turning 19 on the date that you guys are playing in Chicago (August 20th), so being able to go would be a pretty sweet birthday present! haha Good luck with the new album. I’m really looking forward to it!

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